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Sunday School - 9:30am
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Church History

Triumphant Life Christian Church was founded, The Eastern Star Missionary Baptist Church. Eastern Star MBC was organized in the year of 1946 by a group of Baptist Ministers as follows:

Reverend L. H. Timberlake
Reverend U. S. Goldsby
Reverend H. Bank
Reverend G. W. Simm
Reverend W. L. Harrington

After some remarks in the form of instruction and the minutes were ready, Reverend Walter Lee Hall became the first Pastor. A matron prevailed that the council approve the organization. Thereafter, the church began its mission with the first deacons of the church - Deacon Paul Howard and Deacon Charley Jones.

Soon after the organization of Eastern Star Missionary Baptist Church in 1946, Sister Georgia M. Rogers, Brother Leon Tupper, Sr., Sister Thelma Alston, and Sister Jean Alston were the first candidates for baptism.

Sunday School began on January 12, 1946 at the home of Reverend W. L. Hall, at 9037 Russell Street and the first officers were elected - Deacon Charles Jones (Superintendent), Sister Maxine Jones (Secretary), and Sister Lena Brown (Treasurer).

In 1947, the Missionary Society was created and the first officers were elected - Sister Lena Brown (President), Sister Georgia Mae Rogers (Secretary), and Sister Maxine Jones (Treasurer). Meetings were held on Monday night.

The church began to grow and it became necessary to look for a church building. The newly organized church moved to a storefront building on Milwaukee and St. Aubin, renting for $10.00 per month. Later a theater became vacant ant the church moved to 11759 Oakland.

With the officers and a few members, Reverend W. L. Hall had a termination to move up a little higher. He accepted a smaller salary and did whatever he could, in a Christian way, for the church. The road was rough and the hills were hard to climb, but from the advice of Pastor Hall, the church grew into many auxiliaries and departments. The deacons were appointed to look for a better place to worship. During this time, Reverend Charles Williams, Moderator of the District, saw a need to help. He was instrumental in converting a house at 300 Connecticut in Highland Park, MI into a place of worship for Eastern Star.

In 1965, the church and Pastor Hall requested the deacons and trustees to search for a building for sale. The brethren located and was impressed with a building located at 13254 Thompson Ave., our present location. The building had a purchase price of $65,000.00 with tax and $20,000.00 as a down payment. The down payment was made in the summer of 1965 and Pastor Hall and the church members marched into their new sanctuary.

Still on the battlefield working for the Lord, Pastor Hall had a greater determination, which was to live to see the mortgage paid off. His main concern and interest was for people in general, members of the church, and the saving of souls. On June 14, 1982, the last mortgage payment was made and he along with the members could say, "It was Done." Even though the Lord did not bring him that far to leave him, Pastor Hall was able to see the building paid, but not the burning of the mortgage. On Sunday, June 20, 1982, the Heavenly Father called him home to sleep and rest from his labor. He had labored diligently through storms, rain, sickness and pain for the Eastern Star Missionary Baptist Church for 36 years.

In October, 1982, the cornerstone was laid in the name of reverend Walter Lee Hall as Organizer of the Eastern Star Missionary Baptist church. As a dedication in memory of our late Pastor Hall who served so faithful for 36 years, the Young Adult Choir changed their name to the W. L. Hall memorial Chorale.

After the passing of Pastor Hall, the Pulpit Committee was formed, along with the Deacon Board in Recommending Rev. Dale Williams to serve as Interim Minister. The church accepted the recommendation of Reverend Williams and he served faithfully. On Sunday, May 15, 1984, the church selected by vote, Reverend Dale Williams as the Pastor. As we have come this far by faith, Reverend Williams carried out the will of God, which was to preach salvation to those who were lost and wanted to be saved. He was a very inspired young man who was motivated by Christ. His motto was "The church should be in unity upon one solid foundation." Reverend Dale Williams resigned as pastor in October, 1986. This left the church in great need of finding another shepherd.

After two long years without leadership, the congregation grew very small. The faithful few continued to pray for a Pastor. In October, 1988, we knew our prayers had been answered by the Presence of Reverend Joseph Hobbs, an anointed man of God with a vision. Reverend Hobbs was installed as the new pastor of the Eastern Star Missionary Baptist Church. Upon his arrival, the church began to flourish.

Although the church building suffered extensive damages in a tornado on Wednesday, July 3, 1997, it did not dampen the spirit of Pastor Hobbs. The church continued to hold services in the basement of the building until the renovation of the sanctuary. Pastor Hobbs continued to follow the vision given to him by God and followed the mission of preaching the gospel to save souls.

Under the leadership of Pastor Hobbs' teaching the Word and preaching the Word as well as his soul-stirring singing, the church as moved into a higher level of understanding the Word of God. Teaching the congregation the importance of true praise and worship. The congregation has grown to more than 400 members as well as a ministerial staff of eight ministers and evangelists.

The Lord continues to bless and provide for the Eastern Star Missionary Baptist Church as it continues to be a light to the community of Highland Park.