Mission and Vision


"For all have sinned, and come short of the glory of God." Our commission is to lead all people to Christ by teaching and preaching the uncompromising Word of God; by leading all into a personal relationship with Jesus Christ our Lord. To develop believers toward Christ-like maturity, to empower them for their own unique ministry in their lives, the church, and the world, so that they will know that they are heirs of salvation and joint-heirs with Christ. As a church, we will be known by our love as we worship and glorify God to the highest!


The vision of Triumphant Life Christian Church as given to our pastors is to create a healthy atmosphere in which people can worship God, learn of His will for their lives, be able to implement His Word in everyday life, and capable of sharing this truth with others who do not know Him. We will accomplish this through a variety of relational ministries of in-reach and outreach. We desire to be a triumphant people prepared for the second coming of Christ.
We are asking God to help us reach 3,000 souls in 3 years for Jesus Christ. We intend to see our church as a training station that produces people actively pursuing their best selves using their lives for the glory of God and the building of the Kingdom. Through revived relationship with Jesus and his church, we see strong, healthy families; business owners; and people free from indebtedness.