Praise Reports

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March 28, 2018
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Anonymous Anonymous Post
March 14, 2018
Linda W. Post
June 16, 2009
Hi all the saints at TLCC,
This is your sister in christ, Linda. I want to thank you all for your prayers concerning Jason,The drs. report is great He is cancer free praise God.Thank you for your faith and love and prayers on His behalf. We love you,
Linda & Dwayne Bowens
charles b. Post
December 11, 2007
praise be to god whose the head of my life. I am so thankful that we have a page that we can conversate on and do things on the site that we do at church.let us send our praises to the lord on high and just lift his name up.
agena w. Post
June 4, 2007
I just want to thank everyone at TLCC for their love. Every since I joined the intercessory prayer team on Tueday, my life has truly changed. I appreciate the fact that no one has judged me. I want to send a special thanks to Leslie Matthews. She has always been their to listen and help me along my journey. I love you very much!!!

Thank You all,

Tamia P. Post
May 29, 2007
I thank God for simply being God and for keeping His promises. For the past six months I've had issues with my health. My left shoulder was always in pain and my breathing wasn't right.I was praying about it, and God said your not trusting me. I kept going back in forth to the doctor and they really couldn't figure out what was going on. I stopped taking the medicine like the doctor said and I only took it when I was in pain. Again God said your still not trusting me. So I poured all the medicine down the toilet. I felt if I did that then I would have no other choice but to trust God. When I was in pain I anointed myself with holy oil. I began to speak life to my own situation and claim healing for myself. I went to the doctor on 5/23/07 to get the results from my test. The doctor told me that they could not find any arthritis in my arm and that my breathing was fine. He said I don't really have much to say but all I can say is Good luck and see you next year. I thank God for doing exactly what He said He would do. In just that test alone I learned how to trust again. I'm just excitied to see what God is doing and blessed to know that I'm apart of it.
Audrey V. Post
May 18, 2007
Praise be to God who causes us to Triumphant. I thank God for everything that he is doing in my life, at intercessory prayer on tues. we were asked to write down five things that we wanted GOD to bless us with, pray over them and watch God move.On thurs. one of my prayer request was answered i knew then,and i truly know now that God Is a suddenly God.What he is doing in my life i can only go Higher in Him.
Samantha W. Post
May 16, 2007
Praise God from whom all blessings flow! I am so elated that our website is up and running... I cant wait to chat with someone in the chat room! I just encourage everyone who may be reading and hasnt visited out lovely church to come by and pay us a visit. We are a church loves Gods people and are allways looking forward to meeting our fellow laborers in the vineyard! We praise God because we know you are on the way!
Audrey V. Post
May 11, 2007
Hello my Brothers and Sisters of TLCC, i would like to share with you a praise report of our own Apostle Dad Hobbs and God, Apostle preached and taught on yesterday evening is text was "Walking in Kingdom Authority". God showed up in a mightyway, everyone in attendance at the Beulah Baptist Church Conference expirenced an out pouring of the Holy Spirit through our own Pastor Dad. The Anoiting of the Holy Spirit was so high i myself could not leave right away. Min.Karmen Lewis was in the Heavenly Realm. Every word that Pastor Dad preached The Heavenly Father Confimed. All i can say is THANK-YOU GOD for a Wonderful Spirit filled worship service I can't wait for Sunday Morning service. Have a Blessed evening.Psalmist Audrey
Linda W. Post
May 9, 2007
Praise God for that ontime and Self-examining, Soul searching message given by our Apostle, Dr. Joseph Hobbs tonight at Jamison Temple, entitled "The Church Is Too Quiet." if you missed it you need to ask somebody that was there.Thank you Pastor.