TLCC Ministries

Our church nurse ministry is the best around the world. This ministry makes sure the entire congregation is serviced, thus freeing us to release our best praise.
This ministry links TLCC with the community.
Ministry of dance through creative expressions of praise & worship.
This ministry team is one of service in the body of Christ.
Female Armor Bearers
This special service team is equipped to meet the needs of female ministers who share the gospel with our congregation.
This ministry provides health resources, referrals, and services for members and friends.
Hospitality/Greeters Ministry
This Hospitality Ministry largely is responsible for Sunday morning greeters. They are an evangelistic team who sponsor the Family and Friends Celebration each February.
Join us every Tuesday & Saturday for prayer and intercession! NEW PRAYER CALENDAR POSTED!
Male Armor Bearers
This ministry supports the men who deliver the gospel to the congregation.
Media Ministry
From audio/visual recording to presentations and the like, this talented team makes sure the messages preached are received clearly.
Our men are successful and powerful. Independent and strong, we still need each other. Come meet with us for support and growth in your personal journey.
This is an information link for the TLCC Ministry team. You'll find information on what our ministers are doing and how you can support their work. Information listed here has been provided by the ministers. You may contact them directly for more information.
Missionary/Bereavement Ministry
We are available to walk alongside TLCC families during their time of crises. We are also available to identify opportunities for the church to be a blessing to individuals.
What a wealth of wisdom these women of God contain. They are a precious resource in our church.
Music Ministry
Praise and worship, choir ministry, dance, and the arts express themselves in this ministry.
Pastors' Aide
This ministry sees to the needs of our Pastors and their daughter.
Soul Winning Action Team - Evangelistic Outreach Ministry
This ministry offers financial support and referrals for students interested in continuing their education.
Adult and Youth classes available on Sunday Mornings
You'll find information on all that we're doing to lift the name of Jesus in our youth!
Usher Ministry
Doorkeepers in the house, this ministry stands ready to usher in the presence of the Lord while defending the gates against the enemy of the brethren.
TLCC provides a variety of services to those in domestic violent situations, as well as offers referrals and assistance in cases of emergency to those in need of food, clothing, shelter, and support with emergency supplies when necessary. We provide one-on-one counseling on appointment, helping families who fall victim of crimes heal and cope with their situations. We also provide motivational life coaching through seminars and workshops geared toward personal development.
This ministry toward women is more than just fellowship. We endeavor to meet the needs of our sisters at every level!